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Emergency Lighting and Signs

The Health and safety at work Act 1974 has been written in order to place the duty on the employer to ensure that their employees and any other visitors to their site may work or go about their duty in a safe working environment. In practice this means that the Emergency Lighting and Signage should not endanger the health and safety of people at work if they were required to use it in anyway.

Crown Forge Electrical Testing realise that in order to assure a safe working environment should the lighting fail in your complex, your Emergency Lighting would be maintained and tested to respond immediately as it would be expected to. This provides piece of mind that should the worst happen, adequate light would be available for employees to evacuate the building without endangering themselves.

Once the emergency lighting and signage has started operating from their batteries, dependent on the location of the light or sign it may be expected to operate in an area for up to three hours. This would severely test the reliability of the batteries if they were not tested or maintained and should they fail to operate correctly becomes a hazardous situation which could easily have been avoided.

We have found as the regulation states the batteries should be changed no longer than every four years in order to expect the emergency lighting and signage to operate, as it should. Often the manufacturer will only offer warranties on batteries that are no more than four years old from the date of manufacture.

Once the batteries have been changed and the unit itself has been checked for any corrosion or damage, this does not mean that they are forgotten. The Health and Safety Executive suggest every six months there should be a full test on all emergency lights and signs. This however can cause many difficulties as shutting off the power restricts the work force and can cause disruption to work. In as many cases as possible Crown Forge Electrical Testing will carry out any testing and blanket battery changes out of working hours where possible or unavoidable, and there would be no extra charge for doing so.

Legislation references:

Health and Safety at work Act 1974

Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

British Standards Institution:

BS 5266: 1999 Part 1,Code of practice for emergency lighting of premises other than cinemas and certain other specified premises used for entertainment.


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